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Robotics Industry News

New EPSON RS4 Robot

EPSON Robots

EPSON RS4 RobotEPSON Robots did it again. We just added to our Power of Choice initiative by introducing the NEW RS4 to the RS-Series High Performance SCARA Plus robot lineup.
The new, unique work space design of the RS4 robot provides a pallet size of 778mm x 778mm. A pallet size this large would normally requre a SCARA arm which is more than double the size. Imagine now being able to use a 550mm arm for applications that used to require a much larger 1,200mm arm - What a great saving of valuable floor space!
Here's what makes the EPSON RS4 robot radically different from all other SCARA robots available on the market today:
  • Industry Leading Work Envelope Usage
  • No Lost Space in Center of Work Envelope
  • Superior Cycle Throughput
  • Zero Footprint Robot
  • 450 Degrees Axis Rotation
  • Exceptional Flexibility                    
Take a quick look at the new EPSON RS4 in the video below. You can also go to our website for more information.
See video of RS4 Robot here.

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