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Robotics Industry News

New Lifetime Series™, Zero Backlash Harmonic Servo Gearheads Replace Planetary Drives

Conic Systems

Port Jervis, NY - Conic Systems of Port Jervis, NY has introduced the new Lifetime Series™ (LT), a precision zero backlash harmonic gearbox designed as a direct replacement for traditional high ratio planetary gearheads. By combining harmonic technology with an industrial gearhead design, Conic’s Lifetime Series offers the advantages of lifetime zero backlash, repeatability better than 10 arc-sec, and high ratios in a single stage gearbox.   The LT Series utilizes proprietary cup style harmonic gearing that  enables a high number of teeth to be engaged, allowing for load sharing and high torque capacities.  The LT Series is available in NEMA 17, 23, 34 & 42 and metric sizes, all easily mounted with a quick connect motor coupling, and Conic will adapt the input flange to match customer motor mounting requirements. This latest design also features precision, double row, angular contact output bearings, Stress Proof ® shafting, high stiffness and zero lost motion.

About Conic Systems
Conic Systems is a manufacturer of harmonic gearing, harmonic servo gearheads, speed changing and phase shifting differentials, and industrial motion controls. Established in 1968, our company manufactures and assembles in Port Jervis, NY and Beijing, China. We have a dedicated research and development lab in Jacksonville, FL.  Conic gear systems are used in precision automation, robotic and industrial applications and are known worldwide for high precision, durability and long life. 

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