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Robotics Industry News

Phoenix Contact Introduces 40 A QUINT Buffer Module

Phoenix Contact USA

Phoenix Contact’s new 40 A QUINT buffer module.Phoenix Contact’s new 40 A QUINT buffer module provides standby power for short-term losses of power without the need for maintenance. The new buffer module is based on high-quality capacitor technology that provides a long service life and a wide operational temperature range of -20 C to 80 C.

The 40 A QUINT buffer module complements the existing 20 A module. It is equipped with Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology to provide the ability to trip standard circuit breakers reliably, preventing DC bus fault conditions. It also contains an active 24 V DC/20 mA feedback signal, providing the control system with the status indication of the power system.

The buffer module also acts as a power storage device for peak demand loads. When required, the buffer module can supplement the output of a power supply for additional start-up current. With the integrated diode, loads can be divided into buffered and unbuffered loads.  This allows the back-up system to be reduced in size and cost.

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