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PowerLiner with QuickConnect


PowerLiner Wire Feed from FroniusThe new PowerLiner from Fronius is a wire-feed system for all standard wire types. No matter what type of wire - steel, silicon bronze, aluminum or stainless - PowerLiner handles them all. Wire diameter is not an issue either; all the usual wire diameters, from 0.030” to 1/16” mm, can be used without any problems.  The minimum feeding radius is 6”

Another plus is that the PowerLiner no longer requires inner liners.

The wire electrode is guided by rollers set at an angle of 90°. Seventy-six rollers are used for each meter of wire-feed hose. As a result, rolling friction rather than slip friction occurs while the wire is being transported.
This gives a virtually zero-resistance and wear-free wire feed, a feature that is particularly important in industrial applications.

The PowerLiner can easily be built to the length required. The minimum bending radius of 5” and the small diameter of 0.8” (without corrugated protective hose) enable it to be used in even the most awkward routing situations.

With conventional welding systems, PowerLiner lengths of 65’ are no problem.

For Robacta Drive applications, lengths of up to 32’ can be used. Troublefree wire transport is always ensured.

The PowerLiner can be connected to large spool systems, wire drums, welding torches or wire-feed units very quickly and easily using the QuickConnect quick-locking system, another advantage when operating in an industrial environment.

Advantages of the PowerLiner 

  • No abrasion thanks to the extremely low forces exerted on the wire electrode
  • No special wire liners necessary
  • Simpler plant layout as greater flexibility in positioning of wire spools
  • Also extremely suitable for awkward routing situations or large distances
  • PowerLiner can be prepared to almost any length
  • QuickConnect system facilitates rapid connection/disconnection of feed system

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