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Robotics Industry News

ROSS CONTROLS Offers New Consider it Done® 1 & 3 Day Shipment Program

Ross Controls

In production, time lost is money lost. When unforeseen malfunctions cause downtime, it's vital to get your machines running again to maintain a productive and profitable operation. To help you minimize downtime caused by part replacement, ROSS CONTROLS is proud to introduce its new Consider it Done!® 1 & 3 day shipment program.

This program ensures one or three day shipping for a selection of ROSS' global industry-leading safety products. These products include:

  • L-O-X® manual lockout valves
  • Energy isolation with soft start for LOTO combination
  • L-O-X® with EEZ-ON® function valves
  • Control reliable energy isolation DM1 Series E 3/2 double valves with dynamic monitoring
  • Control reliable energy isolation DM2® Series E and C 3/2 double valves with dynamic monitoring and memory
  • DM2® Series D double valves with total dynamic monitoring and complete memory
  • Right angle flow control valves
  • MUFFL-AIR® silencers
  • HOZE-FUZE® air hose blow out protection
  • Pop up visual indicators

ROSS is proud to offer this service to help customers maintain optimal productivity and reduce downtime. For more information on how ROSS' new Consider it Done!® 1 & 3 day shipment program can enhance your production efficiency, contact:

Established and headquartered in Michigan since 1921, ROSS CONTROLS is an international designer and ISO-certified manufacturer of pneumatic valves and controls systems.  An innovative and driving force in the pneumatic safety industry for over 50 years, ROSS focuses on tailored technology to provide customers with a distinct value advantage. ROSS has subsidiaries in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, France, and China plus 145 worldwide stocking distributors. 

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