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Real-Time Image Processing With Matrox MIL using RTX64


The image processing software library MIL (Matrox Imaging Library) Matrox supported in version 10, the real-time software RTX64 IntervalZero that transforms Windows into an RTOS.

According to the Matrox Distributor Rauscher gives the Matrox MIL-support for RTX64 OEMs that manufacture time and reactive critical image processing subsystems with high throughput, an alternative to costly, trademarked image acquisition and image processing hardware. With Matrox MIL for RTX64 the required display and control functions run in the deterministic around RTX64 and other applications such as HMI and archiving functions in the familiar Windows environment in standard PCs. Through a separate real-time scheduler transforms RTX64 software the conventional operating system Windows in a functional real-time operating system that runs completely in an x64 multicore hardware. The "RTX64 Scheduler" enables real-time embedded applications for direct access to the addressable physical 512-gigabyte memory by Windows 64 bit. With Matrox MIL for RTX64 According Rauscher ensures that the crucial share of image processing applications verifiable and uniformly responding with appropriate quality and performance as well as high throughput. Matrox MIL is for RTX64 therefore a solution for OEMs that use image processing technology in a deterministic environment within the Windows development environment. "Matrox MIL is the first and only vision software library that the groundbreaking real-time software IntervalZero uses," said it Rauscher. "The introduction of MIL for RTX64 means that the most demanding image processing applications can be deployed at a fraction of the previous cost. Proprietary real-time hardware can be replaced by software running on standard PCs without compromising performance, operability or reliability."

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