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Robotics Industry News

Right Angle Spiroid Gear

maxon precision motors, inc.

Right Angle Spiroid Gear from maxon precision motorsDesigned to achieve maximum torque in minimum space

maxon precision motors is pleased to announce the newest addition to our family of motion control products, the 22mm and 32mm right angle gearheads. These compact, lightweight and high torque gearheads were developed to provide an adjustable 360 degree right angle output for the most demanding applications. The Spiroid® technology incorporated in the gearhead design offers a number of performance benefits:  

  • Extremely high torque transmission
  • High stiffness / Low deflection with large applied loads 
  • Back-drivable (4:1 ratio) & Non-back drivable (31:1 ratio) versions 
  • Absolute output shaft position achievable with encoder mounting option 
  • Compact size 
  • Output shaft can be orientated 360 degrees at any time 
  • Low backlash 
  • Up to 3:1 contact ratio 
  • Quiet operation

The 22mm and 32mm right angle gearheads are available in either a 4:1 or 31:1 ratio, which may be mounted directly onto many of maxon’s brushed/brushless motors OR stacked on different ratios of maxon’s GP22 and GP32 planetary gearheads. This results in a wide range of achievable gear reductions. The motor and gearhead combinations are ideally suited for a variety of applications particularly where an output shaft perpendicular to the motor axis is desired.  

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