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Robotics Industry News

RobiFix-LOCK - on-the-fly locking or wall mounting for dress packs

Stäubli Electrical Connectors, Inc.

 Very fast, user-friendly and suitable for on-the-fly locking or wall mounting - the new interlock system for RobiFix
Multi-Contact has developed a new standard for robot dress packs for spot welding. The RobiFix primary circuit connector provides power supply in the dress pack with single-core cables, and is particularly compact, installation-friendly and cost-effective. New accessory parts now round out the system and extend its possible applications.
With RobiFix-LOCK, the connector can easily be fastened and/or locked.

On the one hand, this permits a welding robot to be fastened to a mounting plate, for example. But on the other hand, the RobiFix-LOCK is also used for on-the-fly interlocking of the plug connection in manual welding gun applications.
Please visit our new Web site for more information: www.robifix.com

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