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Robotics Industry News

Robotic Tool Changer for PVC Application

IPR Robotics, LLC

PVC is widely used in automotive manufacturing. Most PVC applications utilize the use of a robotic system to apply the PVC material into the cavities of automobiles. Often there is a need to change the application gun or nozzle for the different widths of various areas of the car (door, body, etc). This slows down the manufacturing process while the gun and nozzle are changed.

IPR Automation has developed a Tool Changer specifically for PVC application enabling the robot to change the applicator gun automatically. This Tool Changer increases the robot productivity considerably. Technical characteristics of the Tool Changer: - 2 PVC Connections - 6 Connections for Air - 45 Pins for 24V Signal Exchange - 2 Connections for Heaters (2x220V/max.10A) - Maximal Admissible PVC Pressure for both Connections : 350 bar - Weight of total changer unit (robot connection & changer connected, without guns) : 4,3 kg - Dimensions (without guns): LxWxH: 172x150x89mm.

For more information contact Nicky Borcea via e-mail to nicky.borcea@iprautomation.com or by phone at 734-222-4847 ext. 103.

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