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Robotics Industry News

Robotic VISION Technologies Debuts New Product Suites at Automate 2017

Robotic VISION Technologies, Inc.

Leading machine vision software now available for collaborative and industrial robots 

CHICAGO, Ill. — Robotic VISION Technologies Inc. (RVT) has announced major updates to its eVisionFactory® (eVF®) software for industrial robot applications and the new Collaborative VisionFactory (cVF) software for collaborative robot applications. RVT is a leader in vision software for industrial applications with its eVF ® product line-up, and plans to add market driven applications in the collaborative space for all robot brands.

eVF for industrial vision applications 
The RVT flagship product suite, eVisionFactory® (eVF®), is a leading machine vision software for industrial applications. With hundreds of operating locations controlling more than $500 million of revenue critical capital, RVT will present dozens of currently installed applications utilizing the diverse eVF® product line-up. The eVF ® product lineup includes: Single Camera 3D, Random Bin Picking, Stationary Camera, Stereo Camera, Structured Light, Surround 3D, Tray Picker, Barcode Reading, CoBot, PartID/Line Tracking and Object Tracking.

cVF for collaborative vision applications 
Debuting at Automate 2017 is RVT’s Collaborative VisionFactory (cVF), integrated on a Universal UR5 robot controlling an OnRobot RG2 gripper. Demonstrations for collaborative assembly, pick and place, handling and packaging will be on display on RVT’s UR5 cobot. Please go to this link

Focused on the Technology 
“Over the past several quarters, RVT has been developing and beta-testing a new and enhanced version of eVisionFactory®.  Throughout, key RVT customers have tested this new version and have enthusiastically accepted it. In fact, last summer eVF® 6.5.8 won a significant 3D vision accuracy and repeatability competition held by a major OEM. Exhibiting at Automate 2017, an important event in the automation industry, will mark the first public disclosure of all the work we have been doing. We are excited to provide the opportunity for people to compare our products to all others,” RVT Founder and CEO Rick Weidinger said. “We will be using video to demonstrate current on-site installations of eVF and discuss our 10 vision guidance products. We will additionally have live UR5 cobot demonstrations at our booth.” 

Visit Robotic VISION Technologies at AUTOMATE 2017 Booth 761 

Both RVT Industrial and Collaborative product suites will be on display at the RVT Automate booth No. 761.

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