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Robotics and Automation

Air Turbine Motors

Compact, powerful Air Turbine Motors® in robotic applications with governed direct drive accelerate production while reducing repair costs and vibration.

Air Turbine Motors® 50,000 RPM, 722MX, cuts 5 times deeper than a vane motor in the same application on a lathe test. Just 90PSI/6.2Bar compressed air required.

Air Turbine Motors® feature:

  • Higher speed and power - constant governed performance.
  • Low weight + low vibration.
  • Low noise (under 65 dBa).
  • Reliability: the only moving parts are the turbine and bearings. 
  • No oil lubrication and so no mist.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Air cooling body + bearings for low heat and thermal expansion.



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