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Robotics Industry News

Rotary feed-through DDF-V for SWS-I 11


SCHUNK has developed the rotary feed-through DDF-V for its integrated quick-change system. As a result, the interference factor of external cables can be dispensed with in future. The SWS-I-11 already includes six 3/2-way screw-in valves that replace a complete valve terminal. This means that only a single line is required for the compressed air supply because grippers and other tools are controlled by the integrated valves. Consequently, the SWS-I-11 requires a rotary feed-through which, like the DDF-V, only has one air connection but 14 electrical contacts for controlling the valves. Due to only one air duct, the height of the DDF-V has a very compact design. Fewer air ducts also mean fewer seals, therefore the energy required for overcoming the seal friction is significantly lower and the DDF-V requires less motor force.

The DDF-V is available in three different versions that fit the robot flanges ISO-31,5, ISO-40 and ISO-50. None of the three variants require an external plug for the quick-change head any longer, because the electrical contacts are internal.

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