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Robotics Industry News

SAS Automation Introduces Deburring Knives

Piab, Robotic Gripping

SAS Automation, a leading robotic End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) supplier recently introduced new Deburring Knives, with an extended-life ceramic blade.

SAS Automation Introduces Deburring KnivesThis deburring tool is a hand held knife for deburring and chamfering applications used in plastic molding or fine metal working production areas.

Significant features:

Stainless, wear resistant, and non-magnetic

One-touch, safe operation

"Snap-off" long lasting ceramic blade

Usable on all plastics as well as soft metals such as aluminum, copper and brass

This tool features an extended-life (snap-off blade) which means it lasts longer and is a more durable tool.

According to Rob Dalton, General Manager for SAS Automation, "We continue to bring to the plastics market more efficiency tools to handle the toughest jobs, with ease. This new deburring knife is a longer lasting tool – which reduces overall tool costs."

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