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Robotics Industry News

SKA Custom Robots & Machines Offers Interactive Robotics Demonstration at A3’s Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference (October 26-27)

SKA Custom Robots and Machines

Engineering consulting and contracting firm SKA Custom Robots & Machines will be bringing the spirit of the live trade show to this year’s virtual Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference (AMR).

As part of SKA’s exhibition at AMR, the company will be offering attendees the chance to engage live with mobile robots. The demonstrations will feature SKA Ultra-Light Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) being maneuvered through an obstacle course. Attendees will be able to take control of the UGVs and teleoperate the vehicles themselves from their own computers.

“Just because they’re socially distanced doesn’t mean they can’t get involved,” says Spencer Krause, Director of Product Development for SKA.  

Robotic operations like this have real world applications in our increasingly virtual environment, especially in the current climate where social distance has become standard.

The demonstration was born from a late night idea and rapidly spun up in a matter of days for its debut at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2020. With a core competency in mechatronics and hardware, SKA doesn’t shy away from any robotics, mechanical, electrical, design, or software problem, and takes pride in delivering results on-time no matter how tight the timeframe. SKA has further refined their interactive experience during the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute’s Annual Member Meeting and will be unveiling new upgrades live at AMR 2020.

“[We] can solve difficult challenges in a short amount of time,” Krause says with a chuckle.

SKA is looking to interact with other robotics companies who want to build custom robots and machines. The company sits ready to adapt to these virtual times without letting the essence of the true trade show slip by. As such, they have retooled a satellite office as a virtual events space. SKA will furthermore be hosting a giveaway with high-end power tools up for grabs, so be sure to visit their booth during the show.

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