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Robotics Industry News

Schmalz Coanda Gripper for Secure Handling of Sensitive Workpieces

Schmalz, Inc.

Schmalz Coanda Gripper for Secure Handling of Sensitive WorkpiecesThe newly developed vacuum gripper SCG (Schmalz Coanda Gripper) is used for automatic and semi-automatic handling of sensitive workpieces like foil, veneer, fibreglass fabric, blank circuit boards, porous and through-suction workpieces, thin glass and sensitive films. 

To prevent the notorious “suck-in” effect and the deformation of and damage to sensitive workpieces, the SCG features a suction surface with multiple suction openings positioned closely together.

Product Features

  • Compact, ready-to-connect gripping unit with integrated vacuum generation
  • Suction surfaces are available with diameters of 40 mm and 60 mm
  • Optional blow-off module for fast changeover of the suction surface

Energy and Cost Efficiency as Quality Feature  

  • Handling workpieces with the SCG requires only a small amount of compressed air, and keeps operating costs down. 
  • Resistance to dirt and resulting lack of required maintenance
  • Optional blow-off function keeps unproductive downtime to a minimum through fast handling times and accurate, reproducible positioning of the workpieces

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