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Robotics Industry News

Schneider Packaging Equipment to Introduce its Newly Redesigned Bottom-Loading Vertical Case Packer

Schneider Packaging Equipment Company

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., a leading manufacturer of end-of-line solutions for case packing, sealing and palletizing, is introducing its newly redesigned Vertical Case Packer that features an all-new intelligent lighting system, servo motion control, and a clean and modern bottom loader. An alternative to the "pick and place" system, the Vertical Case Packer handles products gently with full support from its bottom-loading technology. The new open design offers machine operators increased access to its internal workings, allowing them to easily identify and diagnose maintenance needs more quickly and efficiently.

"The redesign of the Vertical Case Packer allows the machine to be more user-friendly and efficient for the operator," said Bob Brotzki, Schneider Packaging chief operating officer. "It offers additional control to help protect fragile goods from breaking with its unique bottom-loading technology, increasing the ease of use with its open design and new intelligent lighting system."

In an effort to lower the total cost of ownership, the Vertical Case Packer uses servo motion, minimizing maintenance and minimizing the number of wearable parts. This technology reduces energy usage and decreases overall maintenance costs. The machine also has an embedded intelligent LED lighting system to give operators visual cues about the machine, such as low product levels, low case magazines, product jams and tripped safety circuits. With this technology, operators and maintenance workers can easily locate where the attention is needed without having to first locate the human-machine interface and then troubleshoot the problem.

As the packing industry's only clean and modern bottom-loader machine, the Vertical Case Packer gives operators additional access to the internal workings of the system through its new open design, allowing operators to better maintain, service and diagnose potential problems. This machine is particularly beneficial to food applications with rectangular or lay-flat cartons, dairy applications with gable-top cartons or gallon jugs, industrial cans and more. The new Schneider Vertical Case Packer is available in painted or heavy washdown stainless steel construction.

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