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Robotics Industry News

Simplify Machine Data Logging and Traceability with the Sysmac NJ Machine Automation Controller

OMRON Automation - Americas

The Sysmac NJ Machine Automation Controller from Omron Automation and Safety now provides direct connectivity to SQL databases, including Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and Firebird. This enables OEMs and end-users to improve machine performance by eliminating the maintenance complexities associated with PCs and middleware, while reliably collecting data for analysis and optimization.

OMRON Sysmac NJ Controller“Sysmac NJ with direct SQL database connectivity is a one-controller solution that enables OEMs to build a competitive advantage with simplified traceability for their customers. It combines Logic, Motion, Vision and Database Connectivity into a single platform, making it a uniquely powerful one-controller machine automation solution that simplifies machine design, operation and maintenance, with seamless production traceability and data logging for measuring Return on Investment,” says Mike Chen, Pan-America Marketing Group Manager – Controls.

Sysmac NJ can help OEMs differentiate their machines without requiring a change to their solution architecture or panel size. Sysmac NJ also simplifies the design and build process because it uses just one program and software for logic, motion, vision and database connectivity.

End-users benefit from reliable and consistent data collection, maximized machine uptime by virtue of the eliminated PC points of potential failure, and minimized IT maintenance costs associated with PCs and middleware.

Sysmac NJ is quickly programmed with pre-made SQL function blocks, making it easy for controls programmers to read and write data to/from the SQL database at speeds up to 20ms per transaction. Omron’s intuitive Sysmac Studio software is used to configure the connection to the SQL server.

The Sysmac NJ Machine Automation Controller is an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications, including robot cell control, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, vision-guided pick-and-place, modular primary and secondary packaging machine control, data concentrator for critical data mugging without a PC or middleware, and semiconductor wet bench and process control.


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