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Swivel unit SRH – Modular is Simply Better


Swivel Unit SRH – Modular is Simply BetterSCHUNK Inc. introduces the new series of 180° swivel heads SRH. The swivel heads of the new SRH are completely modular in structure and consist of the tried and tested SRU rotary modules combined with two swivel corners, EDF electric feed-throughs, and MDF media feed-throughs. This means precise rotation and long tool life using proven components. Using standard components also means short delivery times and high availability of the components due to minimal spare parts inventory.

The new SRH series comes in six sizes and twelve torques ranging from 0.9  to 67.8 Nm (0.6 ft-lb to 50 ft-lb). The electric feed-through of the SRH is designed to use digital signals for sensors or simple actuators. Even bus signals can be fed through the unit as an additional option. The EDF feed-throughs ensure considerable greater reliability than the breakage-prone method of routing cables through the center bore of a rotary actuator.

Even more, the connections of the SRH swivel head are easily accessible and universally equipped with housing connectors or sockets. The media feed-through is directly connected to the mounting surfaces of the swivel head, and both the swivel head itself and the rotating grippers can be supplied with compressed air directly without hoses. This ensures the necessary flexibility for all automation solutions.

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