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Robotics Industry News

TOUGH GUN Reamer Stand


TOUGH GUN Reamer Stand from Tregaskiss The new TOUGH GUN Reamer Stand is designed exclusively for the Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN TT3 and TT3E Reamer robotic nozzle cleaning stations. This fixed, durable stand can be ordered in custom heights ranging between 18 and 45 inches, and features a simplified design compared to previous models, allowing for lower pricing.

The TOUGH GUN Reamer Stand features a bolt pattern that supports the use of the convenient quick-change base plate featured on all TOUGH GUN TT3 Reamer models, as well as a precision-engineered hole pattern specific for mounting the TOUGH GUN TT3 Reamer or the new TOUGH GUN TT3E Reamer — a nozzle cleaning station enhanced with digital Ethernet communications for better integration into facilities’ digital controls infrastructure. In addition, the reamer stand includes a standardized 8.5- x 6.5-inch hole pattern for mounting the stand to the floor so users can easily swap stands between weld cell stations. These features allow for quick, accurate installation.                                 

The new reamer stand includes clamps and fasteners for optimal cable management along the stand and the hardware necessary for mounting a Filter/Regulator unit (sold separately).

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