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Robotics Industry News

VARTA Microbattery Upcoming Webinars

Varta Microbattery

VARTA announces a series of “Lunch & Learn” webinars to educate and inform those interested in high-quality battery solutions. Each 30-minute webinar introduces a new topic ranging from mobile robotics to cell chemistry, to battery transportation regulations, and more. Hosted by our VARTA team in the US, the series occurs on monthly dates through January 2021. Dates, times, and registration information, as well as videos of past webinars, are available on our website.

Go to the VARTA Storage site, to News & Media, then Webinar.

VARTA is a 130-year old + German battery manufacturer with technology ranging from coin cells to large home energy storage systems. VARTA makes a variety of chemical battery systems for consumer, commercial, medical, industrial, and automotive applications.  VARTA AG and subsidiaries manufacture cells and battery packs ranging from hearing-aid micro sized coin cells to consumer alkaline cells to large energy storage battery systems.

VARTA Vision: We define the future of battery technology to empower a more independent life.

VARTA Mission: Through continuous investments in research and development, we set the benchmark for battery technology and customization to strive for market leadership in our segments.

20 November 2020 (Friday) 1pm Eastern US
“Inside Li-Ion Battery Electronics: Safety, Fuel-Gauging, & Balancing”
Look inside the electronics of a typical Li-Ion battery.
We'll learn what keeps a battery safe, determines the 'State-of-Charge' of the battery, and explain balancing.

17 December 2020 (Thursday) 1pm Eastern US
“Battery System Electronics: What you need to know”
If you're moving to a Battery powered design, selecting the right Battery is just the first step. Learn what you need to do in your device to get the most from your Battery system.

21 January 2021 (Thursday) 1pm Eastern US
“Lead vs. Lithium: How to Compare in Your application”
Lead-Acid & Li-Ion each have their advantages & disadvantages depending on your device's needs. We will consider how best to compare these two for larger systems where size & weight may be less critical to your device.

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