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Webinar: Enhance your financial reporting with Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) Financial Statements

by Sean Balogh, Marketing
Encompass Solutions, Inc.

In today’s business environment, organizations need the flexibility to adjust their metrics to adapt to current market conditions — not spending time looking in different places to get basic reports on the status of business operations. Introducing: EDA Financial Statements, which allows for timely, accurate and accessible financial reporting.

Join our webinar to see how modern finance leaders configure statements for their entities as well as branches, departments, product lines and more. And with permissions in place, empower users to proactively manage their performance and effectively answer their own questions.

In this webinar, we’ll uncover:

•             why it’s urgent to advance from static spreadsheet reporting 

•             automated consolidation and presentation of month end reports

•             ways to empower managers with information they need to perform

•             a centralized source of timely and accurate financial data

•             why secure cloud access is critical for business continuity

•             how to do so much more than analyze AR/AP and ledger data in EDA

During this webinar, you’ll see EDA Financial Statements firsthand and learn how you can become a trailblazer in financial self-service, reporting, dashboards and analysis. We look forward to seeing you there.

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