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Robotics Industry News

What Will Robots be Like in the Future?

Robotic Industries Association

We see it in the movies, but also unexpected places like hospitals. Robots are already a big part of our lives, although many won’t be satisfied until they can leave their home under the care and supervision of Rosie the robot while they scoot to work in their flying car. It might not be like that now, but some aspects of this fantasy may not be so far off, either. Some ideas are shared on our blog site. We hope you will add comments to it!
Brian Huse has been with RIA since 1994. In a "walkabout" of the industry that started in 1998, he worked for member companies Deneb (now DELMIA) and Norgren Automotive – a four-year stint in which he was immersed in the business of software and hardware manufacturing for the robotics industry. He rejoined RIA in 2001 and considers lessons learned in the for- and not-for-profit sectors while looking for ways to help RIA members and its publics. Blogging is one way he tries to help the robotics industry stay connected, and he hopes readers will use and comment on information published in Robots in America, RIA’s blog site.

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