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Robotics Industry News

Wolf Robotics Authorized to Use Colorado Brand

Wolf Robotics, A Lincoln Electric Company

Fort Collins, CO: In August 2012, the state of Colorado embarked on what is being regarded as the most ambitious and collaborative branding effort ever undertaken by a state. Commissioned by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and led by Colorado Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Kennedy, Making Colorado was created to capture the spirit and energy that exists in Colorado today, to stimulate the economy, unify statewide programs, and to showcase Colorado to the rest of the world.

The brand was designed by a team of big-name marketing and design professionals over a period of twelve months, and in August 2013 the team unveiled the new brand that will become the face of Colorado.

Wolf Robotics is proud to announce that we are officially recognized as a Colorado Company, and are now contributing members to the Colorado brand. With this achievement, Wolf Robotics has been authorized to use the symbolic peak that is used as the Colorado brand’s logo, to show pride in the state, and certify that Wolf’s products are Colorado strong.

Wolf Robotics LLC provides automated solutions for fabricators.

Wolf Robotics currently has supplied over 8,400 robots worldwide for welding, cutting, press brakes and material removal.

Kyle Ard

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