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Robotics Industry News

Wolf Robotics Designs Custom Tooling Fixtures for Manual Welding

Wolf Robotics, A Lincoln Electric Company

Fort Collins, CO: Tooling is an important part of any automated system; however, a customized tooling system can also improve the efficiency of manual welding operations. Custom tooling increases the welder’s access to hard to reach parts through effortless movement and positioning, allow for safer unloading/loading, and generally increases the speed and efficiency of production. A single tooling system has an ability to accommodate a variety of parts and sizes, allowing for full flexibility when welding.

The fixture design strategy is important to the success of manual welding. The goal is to present the welder with a consistent set of weld joint locations, while allowing for maximum access. The more access the welder has, the higher the weld quality.

It is important to remember that one tooling strategy doesn’t fit every situation. Wolf Robotics tooling engineers are experts in developing quality fixtures for every application and component that requires manipulation for processing. From simple toggle clamps, to more sophisticated pneumatic or hydraulic requirements, Wolf has the experience and know-how to provide a product that is capable of handling the most complicated and critical design elements. Our personnel will work with you to provide a solution that is designed to your satisfaction and requirements.

Wolf Robotics LLC provides automated solutions for fabricators.

Wolf Robotics currently has supplied over 8,400 robots worldwide for welding, cutting, press brakes and material removal. 

Kyle Ard
(970) 225-7604

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