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Robotics Industry News

Wynright Debuts New 20,000 Sq. Ft. Tech Center

Daifuku - Wynright Robotics

Wynright Corporation, a leading independent, U.S.-based provider of intelligent material handling systems, announced today that it has opened a new 20,000 sq. ft. Tech Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois.
The Tech Center, which was created specifically to provide clients with a real-world demonstration of Wynright’s latest products, features a cross-section of the company’s latest innovations. Product lines highlighted include robotics, conveyors, sortation, induction systems, voice and light-directed fulfillment technologies, and Wynright’s award-winning mezzanine and structural solutions.
In addition to showcasing the company’s currently available materials handling equipment, the Tech Center gives clients an opportunity for a sneak peek at game-changing products slated to be introduced in coming months. Visitors can also see the power of Wynright’s Wynsoft™ modular software suite and controls first-hand. The Wynsoft suite gives enterprises the ability to realize greater value and efficiency from materials handling equipment regardless of the equipment manufacturer.
“It can be difficult at times for a client to visualize a solution, or to feel confident that particular equipment will work with their materials and for their needs,” said Brigitte Janos Brozenec, Executive Vice President, at Wynright Corporation. “With the Tech Center they now have the ability to see their own products run on the proposed equipment, and at the rates called for in the design study. The result is they can confirm undeniably that the solution being developed will achieve their productivity goals. Demonstrating the breadth of our technologies, and the depth of our engineering design expertise, in one location is a great benefit for our clients – and a huge competitive advantage for us.”
The Tech Center has been configured to exhibit Wynright’s full portfolio of products and services, with equipment running in a continuous loop. To enhance the experience, Wynright subject matter experts are on-site to present each capability.
Among the solutions on display are:
  • Autoroll+ Motor Driven Roller conveyor
  • Automotion AS-20 high speed sliding shoe sorter
  • New Green Line energy efficient conveyor platform
  • Hybrid™ voice and light fulfillment system
  • RTL/RTU self-guided, autonomous robotic truck loader/unloader
  • AS-16 Multibelt sorter - 30 degree pop up wheel (MB30)
  • AS-17 Multibelt sorter – 90 degree pop-up roller (MB90)
  • Hi-Speed index induction carton spacing system
  • Mezzanine custom-fabricated support structure
  • Wynsoft Modular software solutions

“A lot of work and planning went into the design and execution of the Technical Center, but the result made it worth all the extra time and effort,” said Joe O’Connor, Marketing Director, and Manager of the Tech Center. “We not only have a place to showcase our current technologies, but we now have a working laboratory for our newest ones – a place where we can integrate the next wave of materials handling equipment and test them under the conditions in which they will be used. It furthers our mission to assist our clients in using their space more efficiently while delivering enhanced productivity.” 

Companies interested in arranging a visit to the Wynright Tech Center can do so by contacting their local sales representative or Joe O’Connor.

About Wynright
Wynright Corporation is the nation’s leading independent, U.S.-based provider of intelligent material handling systems. With more than 200 engineers in-house, the company designs, manufactures, integrates and installs the full spectrum of intralogistics solutions, offering both Wynright-branded and third-party equipment to meet client needs. These include leading-edge conveyor and sortation systems, voice- and light-directed order fulfillment equipment, a suite of warehouse controls and execution software, robotics, mezzanines, and structures, all backed by critical round-the-clock service and support.
Since its founding in 1972, Wynright has been a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies, showing them how to use their space more efficiently to deliver improved productivity, today and tomorrow.

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