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Wynright Makes Purchasing Materials Handling Equipment Online Easier and Less Risky

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WarehouseEquipmentStore.com provides online source for industrial and commercial supplies and equipment, backed by Wynright’s 40 years of experience in materials handling

Wynright Corporation, a leading independent, U.S.-based provider of intelligent material handling systems, today announced it has made upgrades to WarehouseEquipmentStore.com, its online site for purchasing equipment and supplies for distribution centers, warehouses, factories and other industrial and commercial operations. In addition to gaining a new look and feel, WarehouseEquipmentStore.com now incorporates a new navigation scheme that makes it easier to locate and purchase specific products among the thousands of SKUs on the site.

What truly distinguishes WarehouseEquipmentStore.com from the many product-oriented industrial sales sites around the Internet, however, is the level of support available to customers. Because it is backed by Wynright Corporation, customers calling the toll-free number (1-866-620-6140) take advantage of the company’s 40 years of materials handling experience to obtain expert advice that help address tough storage, workflow and other issues. Wynright’s knowledgeable specialists will ask often overlooked questions such as “Where will you locate it?” or “Is the floor properly reinforced” in order to help customers sort through choices and select products that will work best for their particular application.

“There are plenty of places to purchase equipment on the Internet,” said Brigitte Janos Brozenec, Executive Vice President of Wynright Corporation. “But most of the time you’re looking at a brief description and price and then hoping you made the right choice. Assistance just isn’t there. With all the interest in space management equipment (such as shelves and racks) these days, buying blindly off an online listing means there’s a huge chance of getting it wrong. Because we offer not just quality products but also the benefit of our 40 years of experience in storage and material handling, customers coming to WarehouseEquipmentStore.com make purchases with confidence. They know they will ultimately receive the best product for their application and it will be right the first time.”

WarehouseEquipmentStore.com offers a broad array of industrial and commercial supplies and equipment. Included in the product offering are racks, shelving, cranes, ladders, lifts, lockers, mezzanines, mirrors, yard ramps and more. While some products are manufactured by Wynright itself, many others come from additional top industry manufacturers.

“Wynright has always been about providing the right solution, and that heritage is carried on here,” Brozenec said. “If you know exactly what you need and want to order it quickly you can do that online. But if you need a little help finding the optimal solution, especially with a more complex purchase such as a jib crane or mezzanine, that assistance is readily available. That’s what makes WarehouseEquipmentStore.com a far better choice, and value, over other online ordering-only websites.”

About Wynright
Wynright Corporation is the nation’s leading independent, U.S.-based provider of intelligent material handling systems. With more than 200 engineers in-house, the company designs, manufactures, integrates and installs the full spectrum of intralogistics solutions, offering both Wynright-branded and third-party equipment to meet customer needs. These include leading-edge conveyor and sortation systems, voice and light directed order fulfillment equipment, a suite of warehouse controls & execution software, robotics, mezzanines, and structures, all backed by critical round-the-clock service and support.

Since its founding in 1972, Wynright has been a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies, showing them how to use their space more efficiently to deliver improved productivity, today and tomorrow.

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