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Robotics Industry News

piINLINE®plus low feed pressure version


piINLINE®plus is Piab’s configurable platform for decentralized vacuum generation, offering ideal solutions for automotive manufacturers and other industries.  Now available in a low feed pressure version . A good choice when experiencing pressure fluctuations in the compressed air lines.  The ultra-lightweight vacuum ejectors feature a unique and integrated automatic release mechanism, and come in compact, minimized packages. Tailor-made for automotive press-shop automation, piINLINE®plus offers new technology that will also benefit various other markets and applications. Designed with ports for compressed air and vacuum in-line, supported by quick-fit push-in connectors of varying diameter, they are mounted directly onto the hose, close to the point of suction.

The AQR (Atmospheric Quick Release) function allows a massive amount of air to enter the cup for a quick release without adding compressed air. The AQR low pressure version closes and holds the release function on a lower feed pressure when the ejector is in vacuum mode. Sacrificing a minimum of speed in the release sequence but not jeopardizing the vacuum force when having compressed air pressure fluctuations.

Made in lightweight and extra durable PA66 material, the piINLINE®plus generators utilize Piab’s COAX® technology, ensuring low air consumption (typically 25 percent lower than competing technology), excellent suction capacity, and fast evacuation. Generators are supplied with either one or two MICRO COAX® cartridges; two cartridges for larger suction cups in high speed applications, or one cartridge for smaller suction cups or for reduced air consumption when high speed is not essential.

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