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Robotics Industry News

High Performance Sensorless Control


maxon motor has developed a sensorless speed and torque control solution called "HPSC"Compact wiring and slim design

maxon motor has developed a sensorless speed and torque control solution called "HPSC". This new technology allows FOC (field oriented control) for brushless motors without sensors from full stop to full speed under load. This HPSC uses a sophisticated signal injection algorithm which precisely determines the rotor position for a smooth startup each and every time.

  • Low noise, No vibrations
  • Maximum power efficiency
  • Robust and reliable

This system contains an HPSC module 24/5 - dimension and power range can be adapted if required. The firmware of the module may be customized for every drive system. HPSC is a custom made solution ideal for surgical systems, fluid delivery systems, rehabilitation & prosthetics. Contact maxon for more details

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