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How to add jobs using robots

by Dave Perkon, Technical Editor, Control Design
EPSON Robots

How to add jobs using robots   |    January 24, 2020 from Control Design

...The past decade has been a growth period for the United States. "While automation has been a big benefactor of this wave, the fear of the "job killing" robot hasn’t quite panned out," says Scott Marsic – product manager for Epson Robots. "Interestingly as robot placements have increased over the past decade so have job openings (ITR 2019). What we continue to see are that many industries still have significant technical labor gaps, and those gaps present opportunities for those trained—particularly in automation industries—to take advantage of them." 

Automation creates opportunities for companies to shift their labor force from the jobs people typically don’t want—the mundane, repetitive, unsafe tasks—to more productive and higher value tasks," continues Marsic.  "This evolution is helping our manufacturing sector to be more competitive and take better advantage of the labor force available to them. Further, automation is creating opportunities for employees to expand their careers into the maintenance, programming and management of automation equipment and tools."

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