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Robotics Tech Papers

SMAC’s patented “Smart Capping” actuators

by Edward Neff, SMAC MCA President
SMAC Moving Coil Actuators, Inc.

In Capping applications an improved method of screwing on / or crimping caps onto bottles/vials/ test tubes is now available. This patented technology allows the manufacturer to:

  • Verify the location of the top of the container.
  • Match the cap thread with the container to prevent cross threading
  • Turn the Cap and measure the number of turns and the linear distance traveled downward.
  • “Snug” the cap then apply a precise closing torque.
  • Verify the cap’s final position and torque out.
  • Feedback in real time the results of each operation.

The device doing this is the SMAC linear rotary actuator. This device is a combination of SMAC’s patented Moving Coil Linear motor and SMAC’s patented HT “High Torque” brushless rotary motor featuring Halbach cylinder magnets and SMAC’s printed coil. (SMAC invented the Linear Rotary actuator in 1995 and has made well over 125,000 units to date). LBR40

The actuator comes in a number of useful versions including:

Thin rectangular LBR series for stacking and round CBR series. Both have IP versions available. Both have standard motors as well as motors with large center holes to accommodate current grippers used to hold caps.

Actuators can be operated bu SMAC’s compact and low cost VLC controllers (with various communication protocols built in) or other servo controllers.

Visit SMAC’s web site to see videos of Capping applications as well as other SMAC innovations such as smart screw driving and SMAC’s OEM “Fit their package size” MCA inside concept.

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