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3 Benefits of Software-Based PLCs

by Dipesh Mukerji, Vice President Marketing & Strategy

Let’s be honest: most available programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are hard to work with. They are not easily programmable, as they do not support common programming languages, only the manufacturer’s. This makes it difficult for programmers and users to make upgrades and configure the application to support the required devices. Software-based PLCs, on the other hand, come with a range of advantages. Supporting both C++ and non-C++ programming languages, a soft PLC is the best application to use in high-volume industrial environments where upgrades are constantly required.

Networking is critical in industrial settings. Different departments, clients and suppliers, among others, need a convenient communication platform. The soft PLC application supports and serves as a traffic hub for such networks. It dispatches multiple tasks in any given instance with high performance of over 125 microseconds, greatly enhancing communication through the network. With a software-based PLC, it is easier, faster and more convenient to reach out to existing and prospective clients. Market access is therefore faster and more convenient, resulting in better returns.

Safety is another big concern in networking. Most traditional programmable logic controllers do not offer the required degree of safety. Information is held within the system, so always remains prone to unauthorized access and other risks. A soft PLC comes with advanced security options. Its customizable features mean that access to information is always under your control, with no risk of unauthorized access.

Software-based PLCs also reduce production costs. Input and output devices connected to the PC system use Ethernet cables that are not only cost effective but increase the speed of workflow. The cables are used as a replacement for the otherwise burdensome traditional PLC solutions, with massive connections and multiple applications that increase cost of installation and maintenance. Reduced production costs and increased productivity translate to higher returns from production.

Soft PLCs enable you to save on cost, improve performance and get rid of unnecessary clutter within the working area. Its customization options provide a platform where your individual organization can address the areas most required for better performance and output. With these benefits and more, it is the ideal solution for industrial applications.

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