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Robotics Industry News

Active Orbital Kit HD - AOK/601 robotic sanding kit for large surface treatment

FerRobotics Inc.

FerRobotics has developed the Active Orbital Kit 601 for the special challenges of large-scale sanding and polishing processes. The AOK/601, a further development within the existing AOK series, has proven itself as an intelligent system package and can easily be adapted for all robot applications. This integrated eccentric sanding solution has been specially developed for automated surface treatment of very large surfaces and delivers unprecedented results. Typical applications include automated sanding and polishing of locomotives, railway cars, buses, hulls of ships and airplanes, especially airplane wings. Automated surface treatment by the AOK/601 enables rapid and high quality processing of large surfaces while significantly reducing the consumption of abrasives. However, the biggest advantages are, above all else, significantly shorter cycle times and the reduction of costs due to the elimination of steps done by hand. This results in a significant increase in productivity and a shorter payback period.

Surface treatment: Sanding, polishing, cleaning

Possible materials: Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramics, coconut fibers, composites, ...

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