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Are You A Brave Executive That Wants To Recruit Better Candidates?

by Nanette Gregory, Sr. Partner
NSG Consulting Inc.

Everyone knows the high cost of a bad hire. I am not going to depress you with the statistics---but I want to offer you a different solution.

While many of your job openings can be filled using typical recruiting methods.

Recruiting for critical positions within your organization----most typical methods will not work.


A room full of people watching a presentationMany times the best candidates are not looking or even considering a move.

We teach CEO's and Executives how to get to know and really recruit these passive candidates by doing things a little differently.

We assist executives how to ask better questions of people you run into at industry trade shows, local Meetups, small regional conferences, on an airplane, social events and more.

You will learn how to get them to tell you things they would not normally tell you during the interview process such as real dreams, goals, current work situation, and more. All of these answers will help you determine if they are fit for your company. Only then can you really recruit a really good candidate to work for you.

Learn more about NSG Consulting Inc. : https://nsg.consulting/

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