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Robotics Case Studies

Computer Vision Aided Defect Detection & Quality Control

by Gerry Ens, CTO, Go West Robotics
Go West Robotics


The House of Design is an award winning ABB robotics integration company that develops automation solutions across multiple industries, including aerospace, precision machined components, medical devices, food products, electronics, and contract manufacturing.

Due to the high-cost and limited functionality with off-the-shelf solutions, The House of Design partnered with Go West Robotics to develop a customized computer vision algorithm for object detection used in a pick and place application.


The House of Design leveraged Go West Robotics' experience in Computer Vision/Perception to design an algorithm that enables a camera to detect variability in raw materials. A robot could then recognize materials that should be prevented from further handling. Defect detection translates to better accuracy, higher quality and faster production for the House of Design’s clients.


The result of this exploration allows the House of Design to implement the most advanced robotics technology for multiple clients, a clear competitive advantage in their industry. By codeveloping a custom solution with Go West Robotics, the companies were able to create a state-of-the art software that enables the House of Design to deliver on their promise of the highest ROI to their customers. By partnering with industry experts, such as Go West Robotics, robotics integrators can have the confidence to take on the most challenging projects and grow their business.

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