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Robotics Industry News

Güdel Open House Showcases New Generation in Tracks, Gantries and Linear Motion

Güdel, Inc.

Integrators, robot OEMs and National Robot Safety Conference attendees invited for food, demos and networking, October 15, 2014, from 5 PM to 7 PM

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. Güdel hosts an open house in Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 15, 2014, with demonstrations of the latest generation of robot TrackMotion™ and gantries based on the newest in linear motion from Güdel. Food and beverages will be served from 5 PM to 7 PM. Ann Arbor, Michigan Open House for GudelA free shuttle is available between Güdel and the Ann Arbor Sheraton, site of the 25th annual National Robot Safety Conference.

Open house registration is at http://gudel.lead-central.com/20

New Technology Expands Reach of Any Robot
New technology for linear motion is all around during the Güdel open house, and virtually all robot brands are supported by Güdel. Attendees will see quick change roller bearing demonstrations and tour a busy manufacturing floor spanning 45,000 ft2.

Also during the open house, attendees will see quick change roller bearing demonstrations and tour a busy manufacturing floor spanning 45,000 ft2. The tour includes special access to TrackMotions, gantries and work-in-progress.

“Güdel’s open house is a perfect setting for new technology transfer and peer-to-peer networking,” said Joe Campbell, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Güdel Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “We are sponsor of the RIA National Robot Safety Conference which is five minutes from the Güdel campus, and an important source of information about how to safely integrate a seventh axis. Stop by if you are in Ann Arbor.”

Güdel has manufacturing and service locations around the globe and offers drawings and information from its website.

About Güdel Inc.
Güdel Inc. is the US subsidiary of Güdel Group, a global manufacturer of robotic automation products, systems and services. Güdel supplies linear motion modules, robot track motion units, gantry robots and components to OEM’s, systems integrators and machine builders serving the automotive, aerospace, logistics, heavy industrial and power generation industries. Güdel Inc. is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in a dedicated 45,000 square foot facility, providing North American customers with engineering, design, production, and customer service support. Güdel Inc. also operates a satellite engineering office in Troy, MI.

Güdel Group was founded in 1954. Headquartered in Langenthal, Switzerland, today Güdel operates in 21 locations worldwide.


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