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Robotics Case Studies

High Speed Drilling for High End Engines

MD Drucklufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

ES 1000 ER multi-purpose pneumatic high speed turbine spindle used in Formula 1 production.

An Austrian engine manufacturer needed a solution for a special application: A heat resistant material ring for a Formula 1 engine needed to be drilled with a 0,03” drill, recommended turning speed was 100,000 rpm. The engine manufacturer selected the MANNESMANN DEMAG ES 1000 ER, a high speed turbine spindle. Equipped with a 1 mm collet, the test results were very satisfying. The tool was attached to a turning lathe to ensure an exact positioning and a matching feeding. ES 1000 ER solutions are available for all kind of CNC machines.

In another drilling application the turbine spindle was used in a CNC machine to drill dozens of 0,01” diameter / 0,04” depth holes into brass. The outstanding diameter – length ratio was only possible due to the high accuracy manufacturing processes which result in a high true running accuracy.

The advantages for the customers are low investment costs compared to an electric high speed spindle, no additional components like converter, cooling unit, cables, reducing the main spindle costs (speed"0"), suitable solutions for ATC magazines, dry cutting/ drilling application, reducing the machining time or simply: saving money and increasing the quality.

Another idea: Modern race car bodies are made of carbon fibre. To give the parts their final form diamond carbides are used – which need a high turning speed. Also in these applications the ES 1000 ER is used. The non-lubrication turbine spindle is used to cut off flash and overlaying material  - without spoiling the workpart. This application started many years ago and besides for Italian GP Motorbikes it is nowadays also becoming standard for automotive parts.

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