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Robotics Industry News

Hybrid Grippers from Zimmer Group

Zimmer Group US, Inc.

Zimmer Group has added hybrid grippers to their 5000 series product lineup. Available in both 2-jaw parallel and 3-jaw versions.

These hybrid grippers are pneumatic powered, but IO-Link controlled. To achieve this, the grippers have all the valves and sensors integrated into the gripper body. This eliminates the need for control valves to operate the gripper, reducing space requirements in your designs and dramatically reducing actuation times.

With IO-Link on board, these grippers add to our family of Industry 4.0, intelligent grippers. With IO-Link, our grippers can connect to any bus system, offer full position, status and maintenance feedback. Moreover, by use of workpiece “recipes,” forces, jaw pre-position, sensor feedback, gripping mode, workpiece tolerance and more can be adjusted on the fly direct from your top-level bus for all your different workpieces.

These are grippers which do not need to be setup, don’t require additional sensors, will tell you when there is problem with your workpiece and will let you know how many cycles they have performed for guess free maintenance and reduced downtime.


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