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Robotics Tech Papers

Open and Modular Robotics with NexROBA Solution


NexCOBOT’s NexROBA is an open and modular solution, based on standard EtherCAT communication. Since every set of industrial robots is a system, NexROBA offers the flexibility to provide modules in a robotic system, such as robot controllers, EtherCAT I/O, and teach pendant, depending on customer’s needs. The software of this system provides robotic control functions in terms of Visual Studio DLLs, allowing customers to develop applications with their own user interfaces. NexROBA supports many standard industrial robots including: 6-axis articulated robot, 3/4-axis delta robot and 4-axis SCARA robot.

Smart Manufacturing:

Robots are a perfect example of the move towards computerized industrial manufacturing and the smart factory vision put forward by Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). Almost all aspects of these next generation devices are digitized, spanning machine control, monitoring, management, and data reporting and analysis. Even operators interact with machines digitally using a human machine interface (HMI). Smart factories provide many benefits, including a reduction in operator hours and opportunities to increase throughput, boost yields, improve efficiency, and reduce downtime through insights gained from advanced data analytics.

Robotic System Components:

A robotic production line involves many aspects beyond the robots, some of which can be challenging. There are actuation controls, sensing, data processing, and operational intelligence that may present issues around system integration, machine-to-machine communication, and information integration. Taken a step further, smart manufacturing based on IoT, smart robots, cyber-physical system, and big data technologies introduces additional layers of complexity.

Simplifying the Design of Robotic Systems:

Robots play a major role in making manufacturing processes more productive and less labor intensive, which is especially important in some regions, where there is a labor shortage. But impeding many manufacturers is the complexity of robotic system design, which is made more difficult by the need to identify and integrate subsystems from multiple vendors. Greatly simplifying the robotic design process, NexCOBOT working closely with various solution providers, has developed open modular solutions for a range of robotic applications. With pre-integrated and pre-validated robotic control modules. NexROBA, NexCOBOT’s EtherCAT robot solution, performs precise robotic control.

NexROBA Solution

Open Architecture Controller to Develop Your Own Robotic Control System:

NexROBA has an open development environment in which users can freely develop their own EtherCAT-based robotic control programs. The Windows-based environment makes it easy to integrate applications such as machine vision, simulation software, and other peripherals into the control system. It also opens the possibility for users to develop time-deterministic programs by providing accessibility to an RTX-based real-time execution kernel.

Complete Robotic Control Libraries to Speed Up Development:

NexROBA also provides C/C++ libraries of General Robotic Control (GRC) for basic types of industrial robots, including 6-axis articulated robots, 4-axis SCARA robots and 3/4-axis Delta robots. For those wanting to build a robotic control system, these APIs are handy to use and perform point-to-point movement, jog teaching, linear or circular movement of robots, which tremendously reduces development time. Users can leverage APIs in the Windows layer or in the RTX layer to easily build programs for their robotic applications.

Operating System Robotic Control Functions (GRC) Built-in Utility
Win 7 / WES 7 Jog Parameter Setting
  PTP Limit Setting
Development Tool Linear Interpolation I/O Control
Visual Studio 2010/2015 Circular Interpolation Axis Control
  Blending Movement Robotic Movement
Supported Robot Type Tool Position Monitoring
6-axis Articulated    
4-axis SCARA    
3/4-axis Delta    




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