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Robotics Case Studies

Pilz automation system PSS 4000 Monitors Fire Protection System

Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

Hackensches Quartier, in Berlin, Germany, opted for the Pilz automation system PSS 4000 to monitor their fire protection system.  The building complex spans 44,000 square meters with the industry-proven PSS 4000 monitoring the fire protection system, ensuring that smoke extraction concepts that are triggered will work reliably, thus providing safety and automation in one system.  If there were to be a fire, the system will ensure the fire and smoke are contained locally, extracting the smoke directly into the open air and sealing off unaffected areas at the same time.

The Pilz automation solution with PSS 4000 essentially consists of 20 control systems, with a  PSSuniversal PLC to monitor and control the fire detection system. Each system is connected via the switches PSSnet.  The system monitors the manually operated pushbuttons and switches on fire alarm panels, signals from the CO2 sensors, activation of the smoke extraction dampers, smoke detection and smoke protection pressure systems, as well as the end positions of approximately 200 fire protection and smoke extraction dampers.  All system components are interconnected in a failsafe manner via an optical fiber ring and safe network switches from Pilz.

The automation system PSS 4000 meets all the fire protection requirements states in VDMA standard sheet 24200-1, which is used for building automation.

For more on how Pilz can help you with our PSS 4000 automation system, visit our website. Or contact Felica Caponi, Marketing Manager, Pilz Automation Safety, L.P., f.caponi@pilzusa.com, +1 (734) 354-0272 ext. 211.

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