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Robotics Case Studies

Robot Saves Man Years at Dairy

Universal Robots A/S

Iceland's biggest dairy, Mjólkursamsalan Akureyri, uses two UR5 robots in its production of milk products. Their deployment saves the dairy several man years of monotonous work every year.

The first UR5 robot was installed in September 2011 in connection with modifications to a cream cheese production line.

One robot application lifts four 250 gram packs of cream cheese from a conveyor belt, and places them in a plastic tray. The tray is then passed to another UR5 robot, which stacks the trays on a pallet. The second UR5 robot was installed in February 2012 thanks to a high level of satisfaction with the first.

Mjólkursamsalan Akureyri's management concluded that the Universal Robots products are ideal for automating food production.

"UR robots are so simple to use, and not having to build a fence around them is a big plus. We have already saved three man years of monotonous work, thanks to our two UR5s," says Sigurður Runar Friðjónsson, Director for the Akureyri dairy, which is a subsidiary of Iceland's biggest dairy, Mjólkursamsalan Reykjavik.

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