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Robotics Industry News

SMAC Meets OEM Form, Fit and Function Requirements for Existing Solutions

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators, Inc.

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA – SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has announced that the differential features the SMAC Voice Coil Actuator is known for will be available for an OEM's requirements by "dropping into" the form, fit and function of their existing solution. This process, called “MCA Inside,” has been key in helping OEMs with an install base and/or an existing design to embrace the company to solve problems with minimal inconvenience in making the change.

  • Parts are manufactured using precision plates with minimal machining required.
  • Drilling, tapping and reaming processes - which allow SMAC to offer an actuator with the size and mounting arrangements of a customer’s current solution.
  • Customer specified housing - SMAC can install their standard Moving Coil Piston and Magnet Assembly into a customer's existing housing design.
  • SMAC's latest cost reduction is primarily due to improved manufacturing efficiency.
  • Built-in controller options at ~$200, which offers internal programming and eliminates wiring with simple 24vdc/48vdc PLC I/O operation.

Benefits with SMAC MCA Inside:

  • Replace a problem actuator - slow / inflexible / short cycle life - with a Moving Coil Actuator on a currently produced machine.
  • Get an actuator that fits into a particular required space on a new machine. Allows you to get around the inflexible standard product offerings of many other actuator manufacturers.
  • Get an actuator that meets the special mechanical requirements demanded for your particular application - one that you know about and others do not.

Some recent design wins for SMAC and our customers:

  • Replacing a ball-screw stepper system with a "bolt-in" LBS17 with cross rollers resulting in more precision, longer life and quieter motion.
  • Replacing throw away pneumatic air cylinder with "drop-in" CBL actuator with build-in controller on an eject application, eliminating downtime and set-up.
  • Replacing a moving magnet linear motor with a rotary with an SMAC CBR100 electric cylinder with Z-theta motion in one unit on an OEM capping machine. This resulted in long life and proof that the capping has been done to specification @ 100%.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators offer true “mechatronic solutions.” By that they mean their actuators have unique capabilities such as programmable and controllable position, velocity, and force, high accelerations, cycle life well over 100M, and a patent-pending “Soft-Land” capability. The Soft-Land capability is particularly useful when performing fragile part assembly, measurement, moving objects, etc. Real time feedback of these motion attributes enables proof that the work is done (i.e., direct quality feedback).

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