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Robotics Case Studies

Safer Material Handling: Protecting People Who Use Conveyors

Clarion Safety Systems

Material handling equipment, like conveyors, is used in hundreds of industries worldwide. Materials, containers, products…they often need to be transported from one point to another. And this means energized moving parts, machinery, and the possibility of injury if the equipment is used incorrectly. When a major, international leader in material handling and logistics automation decided they needed a global system of safety labels, they knew they couldn’t rely on just any company, any printer, for the solution.

With our design and manufacturing expertise, Clarion was the right choice to create and supply an upgraded label program to meet international market requirements. Our active involvement in the U.S. and international safety label standards and cross-industry experience meant that we were able to not only produce all-new label designs to meet current best practices, but to unify all labels across the company’s divisions and markets. The new labels feature innovative use of the latest ANSI and ISO standards, state-of-the-art symbols and premium quality materials. Now the company has a consistent, cutting-edge safety label system that communicates across language barriers to better protect the people who install, use and service their conveyors worldwide. Communicating safety to keep people from harm – there’s nothing more important.

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