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Robotics Industry News

See What's New from GUDEL, Inc. at PACK EXPO International 2014

Güdel, Inc.

Trackmotion TMF from GudelBe sure to visit us in booth E-9300 to learn more about our company including:
Güdel Trackmotion Modules Move Heavy Payloads with Speed and Repeatability

Trackmotion TMF (TMF-4 pictured) easily move articulated robots up to 3 tons or static loads up to 5.2 tons with speed and repeatability. New in 2014 is the third generation TMF design from Güdel with:

  • Closed welded frames that resist contaminants without the need for covers
  • Easily handles full-speed e-stops and dynamic forces from multi-axis robots
  • Available in one meter length increments from 3 to 100 meters
  • Lead times as short as 8-10 weeks
  • Supports any brand robot model

Ask about other value-add qualities of the new TMF, including the unique ability to change roller bearings without removing the robot carriage from the track (just one of many innovations from Güdel where linear motion is the main business).

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