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Robotics Industry News

Unique Active Compliant Sanding Kit for UR Cobots - AOK/905 from FerRobotics

FerRobotics Inc.

The Active Orbital Kit AOK/905 from FerRobotics is an easily deployable and very effective UR+ sanding kit, which offers new possibilities for high-class sanding and polishing.

Many small and medium-sized companies are now starting to automate different tasks by introducing collaborative robots. While there are already many solutions for handling tasks available, automated sanding and polishing remains a tricky job as it needs a certain contact force to use the abrasive in the best way. So many businesses hesitate to automate sanding processes, as the conventional available technologies cannot always replace manual feeling.

With the unique Active Compliant Technology from FerRobotics it is now easily possible to automate sanding and polishing by using any kind of industrial robot. This technology gives robots a kind of feeling applying always the optimal contact force. The Active Orbital Kit is a complete plug & play system package combining active compliant force control with a robotic orbital sanding unit.

Especially for cobots from Universal Robots FerRobotics’ AOK/905 is the pin-pointed UR+ sanding kit, perfect for the surface finishing of complex shaped work pieces when high quality surfaces are demanded. For attaining a perfect surface pattern it performs exact and consistent contact force all along the surface allowing high process speed. For a fast contacting of the workpiece a ramp-up time and force can be set which enables much faster contacting the object than other technologies. The AOK/905 autonomously compensates for surface tolerances up to 35.5 mm with guaranteed consistent contact force.

The whole setup and programming of the cobot together with the FerRobotics sanding kit is performed easily in a very short time. Many customers are surprised how easy and effective manual sanding can be replaced guaranteeing a perfect quality while increasing productivity and competitiveness.

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