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Supplier Spotlight - Expediting Critical Products for Covid-19 Diagnostic Test Assembly Systems

Lanco Integrated

Westbrook, ME.­­Lanco Integrated continues to expedite our customers most vital Covid-19 diagnostic test assembly systems. With the completion of these machines, our customers will be able to expand access of their Covid-19 diagnostic test kits worldwide. To achieve such demanding feats, Lanco Integrated partners with the best suppliers in the industry. 

In this week’s supplier spotlight, we are highlighting Afag. Afag most recently turned around four bowls needed for a Lanco critical build. Afag had the bowls manufactured, tested and delivered to Lanco, within 2 weeks of receiving the purchase order.  To put this into perspective, this order typically takes 10-12 weeks.     

We had the pleasure of speaking with Heinz-Georg Geissler, Chief Sales Officer of Afag, about how they are prioritizing critical orders.

What are your responsibilities at AFAG?                                                                                                                                                                   Heinz: My responsibilities are worldwide operational sales, as well as the strategic development of the markets and relating processes.

What does your company primarily manufacture?                                                                                                                                                Heinz: We provide high quality automation solutions, especially feeding / handling / transportation components and sub systems for automated mass production uses.

How has your business model changed since the pandemic?                                                                                                                                  Heinz: I would say the processes and flexibility have been changing strongly, but not the business model itself, so far. We built up a strong digitalization team before the Corona times, it is very helpful that we can heavily use their output now.

Your products are in high demand, why have you chosen to step up and make essential companies a priority?                                     Heinz: First, we are very happy that we can contribute something within these difficult times to improve the world a little bit, and in “warp speed” ??. Secondly, it fits perfectly into our current strategy to expand Afag’s role within the international medical device business. But of course, we are realizing it under respect of our existing business engagements.

What would you like others to know about Afag?                                                                                                                                                   Heinz: It is very important for us to build up reliable and long-term partnerships with our customers. In North America we do this out of Nashville. Try us - automation solutions from Afag are more than motion!

Thank you, Afag! You are a shinning example of an integral supplier.

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