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June 2009

The Full Spectrum of Vacuum Gripping Systems

POSTED: 06/29/2009

It was once held that mechanical, electromechanical, pneumatic and vacuum-operated gripping systems would only ever be as reliable as the product being gripped allows. This thesis has been proven incorrect by vacuum specialist Schmalz, with its comprehensive range of gripping systems that can reliably handle the most varied of materials,

January 2009

How to Use this Site

POSTED: 01/13/2009

Robotics Online is designed to help you get information about robotics. It has been carefully optimized for search engines and for a simple user experience. Robotics Online is published by Robotic Industries Association; the only North American non-profit trade association dedicated solely to the robotics industry, and has a long

June 2008

Robotics for Senior Management

POSTED: 06/01/2008

Introduction These guidelines for senior management have been prepared by the Robotic Industries Association to provide a better understanding of industrial robot technology and to describe the impact of industrial robots on a company's operations and strategies. The recommendations are based on the experience of robot implementers and users who have

May 2008

RIA Members Talk About How RIA Helps Them Sell

POSTED: 05/31/2008

“One of the many benefits of being a member of the RIA is the instant credibility it gives our company when we display the RIA logo on our Web site. When companies see the RIA logo on our site, I think that they feel more comfortable that they are

July 2007

Worker Bot Sorts Packages

POSTED: 07/20/2007

  Industrial robot maker Yaskawa Electric has teamed up with megaconglomerate Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and packaging system manufacturer Hokusho Co., Ltd. to develop a parcel sorting system that employs agile robot workers capable

June 2006

Helping Designers Make the Right Choices for Automation

POSTED: 06/15/2006

I recently listened to a talk radio program about manufacturing.  As the conversation went on, one caller’s statement stuck in my mind: ‘‘While automation has played a large part in increasing productivity, we have not gotten the

December 2005

Mixed Load Palletizing: Supply Chain Economics

POSTED: 12/01/2005

Mixed Load Palletizing: Supply Chain Economics With manufacturing becoming more competitive, the best way for companies to remain viable is by identifying and embracing sustainable technologies that reduce costs and streamline the supply chain. As manufacturers change how they produce and distribute their products, mixedload pallet building emerges as

Bag Palletizing: A Design Guide

POSTED: 12/01/2005

Bag Palletizing: A Design Guide When designing your bag palletizing operations you need to ask yourself two vitally important questions. First, what type of bag am I palletizing? Is the bag smooth, porous, flat, round? Second, how is the product in the bag packed? Is it loose or firm?

Arctic Robot Design Guidelines

POSTED: 12/01/2005

Arctic Robot Design Guidelines Quick – think about an inhospitable environment where a robot should be deployed, an application that saps productivity, challenges workers, increases injuries, and increases costs. Most manufacturing professionals would think of die casting, forging, welding, grinding, painting – applications that are typically hot, dirty, noisy,

October 2005

Companies Large and Small Enjoy RIA Membership

POSTED: 10/17/2005

Meet RIA Corporate membership in RIA is open to more than just suppliers, an arrangement not often found in a trade group, but one of the best ways to ensure value to an entire industry. Founded in 1974, RIA is the only North American trade group

August 2002

Assembly Robots 101

POSTED: 08/05/2002

Assembly Robots 101 by Joe Campbell   While robots are among the highest technology products on the manufacturing floor, they are essentially just another tool. Twenty years ago, cam-actuated devices were commonly accepted, then pneumatic

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