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Beyond the Robot: 3D Visualization for Complete Robotics Solutions

September 6, 2012
10:00 am EDT

Beyond the Robot: 3D Visualization for Complete Robotics Solutions


3D Simulation is an imperative solution tool to validate and verify any manufacturing concept or process. As CAD is to the Product Design and Development, 3D Graphical Simulation is to the “How and with What to Build it” in the manufacturing and production life of the Product which includes Robotic Off-Line Programming, Material/Factory Flow, Resource / Process Planning and PLC Validation for Controls Logic.

Attendees can expect to learn to:

  1. Develop High End Factory Simulations from Sales to Power Users 

  2. Dispel the perception that 3D Simulations is difficult to use, requires special skills and is costly 

  3. Access to an all-inclusive library of over 1000 components including all industrial robot models 

  4. Use all functions / features that are resident on one product, on one platform for all manufacturing disciplines 

  5. Drag & Drop, Plug & Play to direct Simulation without the need of programming expertise 

  6. Apply detailed application capability i.e. welding, painting, deburring, material handling, packaging, assembly, etc.


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