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25th National Robot Safety Conference

Exhibitor Product Spotlights

National Robot Safety Conference

Albany Rapid Protect (RP) family of high speed machine protection doors

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems - Albany Door Division

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems produces the Albany Rapid Protect™ (RP) family of high speed machine protection doors. The Albany RP300™ and RP2000™ are recognized throughout the globe as the ultimate safety barrier for separating machine operators from machine hazards.

The RP300™ is very popular for arc welding applications while the rigid curtain on the RP2000™ makes this door a great choice for laser equipped cells. The Albany Brand, with door line photo cells and safety switches integrated into the side frames, has been the machine protection door of choice for European Machine Builders and Automotive Line Builders for decades.

ATI Expands their Line of Robotic Collision Sensors ATI Industrial Automation

ATI Expands their Line of Robotic Collision Sensors

ATI Industrial Automation has just released the newest addition to its line of Robotic Collision Sensors. The SR-48 was developed to provide a lower range Collision Sensor than the SR-61 model, but with a similar robust design. ATI’s patented design includes an automatic reset feature that benefits workplace safety. After the robot crashes, the Collision Sensor will automatically reset when the robot removes the tooling from the crash-causing object. Compliant in the X, Y and Z axes, this capability provides a safer method for resetting by making it unnecessary for personnel to enter the robotic work cell.
Emergency Stop Push Button Solutions Banner Engineering Corp.

Emergency Stop Push Button Solutions

Banner Engineering continues to expand our portfolio of innovative emergency stop push button solutions.  With no assembly required and M12 quick disconnect, time savings are apparent at initial installation and during potential maintenance replacement.  Options include flush mount (shown) or 30 mm mount, illumination, lockable and safety bus node compatible versions.  With Banner’s unique multicolor EZ-LIGHT™ illumination logic options built in, additional efficiencies are realized with local visual guidance of button actuation and streamlined electrical control design.  Banner’s E-Stop solutions are compliant with applicable international and domestic design standards.
Drop-N-Lock® bracket system FOLDING GUARD

The unique, easy-to-use Drop-N-Lock® bracket system complies with new ANSI standards.

Folding Guard® introduces a new fastening feature for its Saf-T-Fence® line of partitioning products. The Drop-N-Lock® system is a quick and easy method of connecting Saf-T-Fence® panels to the posts. This uniquely designed new system saves time and money on the installation and removal of panels, especially on large fencing projects. The captive fastener remains attached to the panel when the panel is removed from the post, complying with the new ANSI code (ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012) requirements released this year. This means hardware can’t be misplaced, preventing panel installment and leaving open access to hazardous areas.
Modular Safety Gate Switches for Machine Guarding Applications  Fortress Interlocks

Modular Safety Gate Switches for Machine Guarding Applications

Fortress Interlocks offer the most robust safety interlocks in industry today. Suitable for applications in accordance with EN/ISO 13849-1 PLE

  • Extremely robust – fit and forget (designed for the lifecycle of the machine).
  • Modular construction – can be configured to suit many different applications.
  • Always engages/works even if guard doors drop over time due to misalignment feature.
  • EN standards compliant – suitable for highest category of safety (SIL3/Ple).
  • Includes personnel keys to protect operators inside the guarded area – no inadvertent start up allowed.
  • Interfaces with lockout/tagout procedures as standard.
  • Emergency release provided on new handle arrangement so operator cannot be trapped inside guarded area.
  • Incorporates control functionality – no need for additional control box and wiring as it is all provided at point of entry (saves time and money).
  • Strongest tongue switch on the market – 10KN head retention force.
  • Prevents machine nuisance trips due to anti-vibration facility.
 Fronius Robotic Time Twin Fronius

Fronius Robotic Time Twin

Two wires - one process. With TimeTwin, controllable digital power sources work totally independently - with two separate filler wires - in just one gas nozzle and in a common weld pool. This shortens the cycle times and increases the weld quality and productivity in high-performance welding.
IPR Foundry

IPR Robotics

IPR Robotics specializes in custom designed End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), excellent reliability standard EOAT components, and durable Robot Transport Units (RTUs). Our broad standard component product range features grippers, tool changers, compliance wrists, alignment devices, load limiters and force/torque sensors that are compatible with all industrial robot brands. IPR’s unique strength is combining these components into complete EOAT solutions to meet the needs of each application. With 20 years of experience, we are now the leading global supplier of complex EOAT for assembly and insertion tasks.  IPR provides the HANDS and FEET of robots! 
NX Safety Controller from OMRON STI


OMRON Automation and Safety


OMRON Introduces NX Safety Controller

The NX Safety Controller, in combination with our new NX I/O system and Sysmac NJ Controllers is a decisive step towards the full automation integration: Safety, logic, motion, and vision, in One Software (Sysmac Studio), in One network (EtherCAT) and in One Control System (Sysmac NJ Controller).


  • The safety controller meets Category 4, PLe according to the EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 according to the IEC 61508
  • Up to 8 safety input points per unit
  • Safety Function Blocks conforming with IEC 61131-3 standard programming
  • PLCopen Function Blocks for safety
  • Integration in one software, Sysmac Studio
High-Speed & Compact 6-Axis Robots Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

High-Speed & Compact 6-Axis Robots
up to 80 kg payload

The R-Series Robots are setting the benchmark for all small to medium duty industrial robots. The compact design, along with industry leading speed, reach and work range make the R-Series Robots ideal for a wide range of applications, including assembly, dispensing, inspection, machine tending, material handling, material removal and welding, throughout a multitude of diverse industries.

The lightweight arm along with its high-output high-revolution motors provide industry leading acceleration and high-speed operation. The acceleration rate automatically adjusts to suit the payload and robot posture to deliver optimum performance and the shortest cycle times.
Safe and Efficient Products


Piab has a line of products that provide safe and efficient operation such as our Vacuum Check Valve,  a recent innovation that “traps” vacuum pressure for an indefinite period in a leak-free system.   This feature allows parts to be handled safely in case of system interruption or failure.  

Integrated into this check valve, Piab’s patented COAX® technology is an advanced solution  for creating vacuum with compressed air. With a COAX® based vacuum pump, energy consumption  can be greatly reduced without sacrificing power and flow.

AZM200 Actuator from Schmersal

Schmersal Inc.

Schmersal is presenting the AZM200 solenoid-latching interlock and door handle actuator with optional emergency exit handle which meets ANSI/RIA R15.06 requirements. The switch also features an integrated electronic safety sensor that provides continuous internal function tests and monitors safety outputs, achieving PLe to ISO13849-1 even wired in series.

The BDF200 control station can provide E-Stop, reset and selection of various machine modes. It is a modular system, configured to specific application requirements with pushbuttons, selector switches and indicator lamps.
The matching slim design of the AZM200 and BDF200 fits the aluminum profiles used on robot cell doors.

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