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Vision Guided Robotics - Intermediate

February 13, 2014
Noon to 1 pm EST

Vision Guided Robotics - Intermediate - FREE Webinar


This webinar will describe concepts of 2.5D and various kinds of 3D (distinct, touching, overlapping, shape variant, feature absent) guidance. Several advanced calibration techniques suited for specific applications will be covered. The use of one or multiple cameras and the mathematical techniques behind them will also be presented. The evolution of applications like 3D AutoRacking, 3D Bin Picking and 3D Inline Measurement will be described. Finally, some application videos will be shown. 

Learning Outcomes

  • 2.5D and various kinds of 3D vision guided robotics (VGR).
  • Calibration techniques for specific applications.
  • The use of one or multiple cameras & the mathematical techniques behind them.
  • Evolution of applications like AutoRacking, Bin Picking and Inline Measurement.
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Webinar Sponsored by:

 Yaskawa Motoman

EPSON Robots OMRON Automation and Safety


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