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Biography for Marty Linn, General Motors


Marty Linn, General MotorsMarty Linn has over 29 years of working experience with General Motors, and has worked on a wide variety of manufacturing projects. Most of these projects have been centered on the development and implementation of unique technical solutions to satisfy difficult manufacturing problems. Marty has also had significant International experience with General Motors operations and suppliers in both Europe and Asia.

In 2000, Marty became the Principal Engineer of Robotics for General Motors. Marty worked on and managed the team that developed the programmable robotic body shop tooling system which is now in widespread use throughout GM. During this time, Marty also worked on the development of several other robotic manufacturing systems that have been implemented in GM Manufacturing plants around the world.

In 2007, Marty was assigned to lead the GM engineering team that co-located with NASA engineers at the Johnson Space Center to work on the development of the next generation of Robonaut, “Robonaut 2” (R2). The successful development of the R2 robot has been documented in numerous media appearances – including a 2011 Super Bowl pre-game promotion for GM – and the launch of a duplicate R2 robot aboard the Space Shuttle STS-133. As the first humanoid robot to be sent to space, the GM-NASA built R2 robot is now a permanent “resident” of the International Space Station, and is used for scientific experimentation in the development of human collaborative robotic assistants.

Marty is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and has degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Marty is the holder of 20 US patents in the field of Robotics, Machine Vision and Sensors, and is the recipient of GM’s Manufacturing Center Special Achievement Award for extraordinary accomplishment and the GM R&D Charles L. McCuen Special Achievement Award for extraordinary technical accomplishment. Marty has also received two Charles F. “Boss” Kettering Awards – given for outstanding innovation of significant benefit to General Motors.

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